I’m Thom—a Melbourne based photographer. For over 10 years, I’ve teamed up with art directors and creatives to turn briefs (documents, that is, not underwear) into visually compelling campaigns. Over that time, I feel fortunate to have worked with some great minds around the world as well as kept the good company of brands like Nike, Melbourne University, Telstra, Public Transport Victoria and AAMI. 

For the sake of a good photograph for my team and clients, I’ve deployed Gas Rigs, nosed around kitchens in Cambodia, dived down gold mines, scaled wind turbines and spent far too many nights in cramped hostels. But that’s half the thrill—the journey. 

While I turn my hand at all types of work, I have a penchant for portraying the untold narratives that underlie the unassuming and eclectic characters and landscapes around us. The aim being to create original and authentic work. I love to work with people who value that, too.